Diary of Anne Frank String Quartet Documentary

Shortly after graduating from college in the late ’80s, I moved to Minneapolis where a number of my fellow Oberlin alums had migrated. Three of them (Josh Feit, Jeff Tolbert and Laura Harada) had formed a strange pop band that traded drums for violin and cello. Another (Barry Madore) shared an interest  in music and cameras, so we teamed up with the local cable station to make a documentary about the Diary of Anne Frank String Quartet. I finally got around to digitizing it and breaking it into two parts so that Youtube can handle it. The video features interviews with all the members and live performances of their wonderful, haunting music. (And, yes, some of the early moments in the film are intentionally silent.)

Part 1

Part 2


Best Vegan Recipes of 2011

Best Vegan Recipes of 2011

I’m lucky enough to be married to Mighty Vegan, who just posted her best recipes for entrees and desserts in 2011. I’ve sampled (often snarfed down) all of them and can personally attest to their tastiness.

Best 2011 Mighty Vegan Entrees

Best 2011 Mighty Vegan Desserts